Steel Cavalry
Jan 7, 2018 - Apr 8, 2018
Project lead, programmer, QA, translator

Steel Cavalry is a 2.5D mech action platformer developed in the Gamkedo club. I pitched and led the project. It was completed with the help of over 20 remote part-time collaborators worldwide. It is heavily inspired by the SNES game Metal Warriors.

A full list of everyone that worked on the project can be found here.

Served as project lead
Created the Robo Warrior model
Made the pilot sprite
Programmed logic for the win state
Created the goal UI
Programmed collision checks for mechs
Designed and made the weapon slot icons
Programmed player and enemy health
Programmed the mech stealing feature
Implemented scene transitions
Implemented pause menu
Wrote additional code for drones and mines
Wrote all story text
Created level select
Wrote the mission details
Programmed progress saving
Level designs
Provided the Spanish translation and menu options