Bardock's Final Stand
Apr 7, 2016 - May 21, 2017
Programmer, designer

Bardock's Final Stand is a short runner/shooter game based around Dragon Ball Z's character Bardock in his last moments trying to protect his planet from annihilation by fighting through waves of Freeza's men to stop him.

This was my first solo game project after learning how to use the phaser framework.

The original track for the game (At Least 9000) was composed and created by Jamie Obeso. You can find more of his music on his SoundCloud page and/or reach him on twitter.

Character sprites for the game come from Jay Ibero, Majin Aussie, Grim, Bonzai and Son Goharotto of

Created the start and game over screens
Programmed player controls
Programmed collision checks
Programmed the enemy AI
Created prefabs for the energy blasts
Programmed logic for object pooling
Programmed logic to determine which ending the player receives
Designed the over all game experience